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Transport transfer taxi: Brasov - Otopeni Henri Coanda Baneasa Sibiu Airport Aeroport
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This Website is intended to assist travelers who are planning to visit Romania or who would like to learn more about this country.

Acest site este o încercare de promovare a propriilor realizari însa si a unor detalii mai putin cunoscute legate de istoria antica si medievala a României. Ceea ce initial a fost un hobby acum a devenit munca mea. Si anume, popularizarea istoriei într-o forma grafica cât mai atractiva si mai accesibila.
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Our spirit is to promote through adapted and personalized tourist products, the values of the natural and cultural patrimony of Romania.
Romania is a country where the environment and the life in the countryside are still closer to the traditional image! The circuits we are proposing represent the opportunity to discover the richness of the traditions preserved for centuries, as well as the warm welcoming of your Romanian hosts.

Romanian Language. Basic phrases for traveling to Romania.
Romanian is a Romance language spoken mainly in Romania and Moldova, as well as in some parts of Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria and Ukraine.
Adrian Moisei: "I've been featured photographer and associate at GoodStockImages and I'm the author of the RomanianTrip website, a project started in early 2002. RomanianTrip purpose is to present the romanian tradition and beauties."
Our goal is to build "" into the largest multilingual: Romanian, Hungarian, English and German, Transylvanian database, source of information and mostly into a spiritually real Transylvanian portal.

Die Siebenbürger Sachsen, eine deutsche Volksgruppe, leben seit über 850 Jahren in Siebenbürgen (im heutigen Rumänien). Der Verband versteht sich als Anlaufstelle für die kulturellen und sozialen Belange der mittlerweile mehrheitlich in Deutschland lebenden Siebenbürger Sachsen.
Tot ceea ce trebuie sa stii despre Brasov.
Dracula - as perceived and promoted in tourist brochures today - is the result of legendary yet, genuine historical facts of Vlad the Impaler's reign, as recounted by revisionist historians, interspersed and dramatically accentuated by the Irishman Bram Stoker's 1897 fictional character, Dracula.
Brasov Travel Guide provides travelers to Brasov with reliable, comprehensive and independent travel information you need, right when you need it. We offer you easy access to everything from accommodations both private and rugged, luxurious and elegant including restaurants, bars, and clubs where you can enjoy the warm hospitality of Brasovians. We'll give you tips on how to get here as well as how to enjoy the beautiful scenery in the surrounding mountains and countryside. We have useful information including weather forecasts, museum info, tourist attractions, shopping, resorts around Brasov and much, much more.

Sighisoara este situata aproximativ in centrul Romaniei in sudul judetului Mures, fiind legata rutier de Europa prin drumul european E60. Este un oras superb care adaposteste o istorie de mii de ani, un oras unde convietuiesc in armonie mai multe nationalitati. Datorita arhitecturii sale remarcabile, a pozitiei dominante si a ambiantei geografice, orasul a fost supranumit inca de la sfarsitul secolului al XIX-lea "Perla Transilvaniei".
Castelul Peles. Fara cuvinte...!    Without words...!
Since it's hard to come up with an exhaustive guide, we decided to let Geography speak for itself. Transylvania, Moldavia and Wallachia are the three main regions of Romania, naturally delimited by the Carpathian Mountains, while the Sea coast, the Delta and the Mountains are the most popular getaways.

The Association of Ecotourism in Romania (AER) has achieved a partnership for nature conservation and tourism development among tourism associations, non-governmental associations acting in local development and nature conservation, nature conservation projects and travel agencies. Therefore, the innovative idea promoted by AER is to bring together the public and the private sector in a partnership for nature conservation and sustainable tourism development.
Brasov este primul oras din Romania ce detine un tur virtual disponibil online. VRBrasov va ofera cea mai cuprinzatoare sursa de informatie despre regiunea Brasovului, reprezentand o inovatie prin care puteti interactiona direct cu orasul. VRBrasov doreste a crea o noua harta a Brasovului, prin intermediul fotografiilor imersive de tip panoramic.
Romania is situated in Central Europe, in the northern part of the Balkan peninsula and its territory is marked by the Carpathian Mountains, the Danube and the Black Sea. With its temperate climate and varied natural environment, which is favorable to life, the Romanian territory has been inhabited since time immemorial. The research done by Romanian archaeologists at Bugiulesti, Valcea Country, has led to the discovery of traces of human presence dating back as early as the Lower Palaeolithic (approximately two million years BC).

"Dintre cainii ciobanesti autohtoni, rasa denumita Ciobanesc Romanesc Carpatin a beneficiat de cel mai mare interes pentru selectionarea si ameliorarea ei, in primul rand datorita calitatilor superioare a acestei rase din punct de vedere al eficientei in indeplinirea menirii pentru care a fost creata: paza si aparare impotriva animalelor salbatice. Concretizarea acestui interes pentru cainii de rasa Ciobanesc Romanesc Carpatin o reprezinta constituirea Clubului National al Crescatorilor de Caini de Rasa Ciobanesc Romanesc Carpatin avand in strucutra sa mai multe cluburi zonale,centrul de greutate fiind la Bistrita. In tot ce interprinde clubul pentru selectionarea si ameliorarea rasei Ciobanesc Romanesc Carpatin, nu pierde din vedere nici un moment acele calitati specifice care au impus superioritatea rasei intre cainii ciobanesti autohtoni (si nu numai); astfel calitatile de autentici caini ciobanesti proprii specificului pastoritului din Romania sunt in permanenta testate la exemplare din diferite linii si generatii, in mediul in care s-a creeat rasa, respectiv la stana."

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